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Our family loves creating healthy, happy smiles for our patients. Drs. Bonita Dela Rama, Andrew Dela Rama, and Marjorie Dela Rama provide gentle, patient-focused care, in a family-friendly setting. Along with our team members, we place our patients’ needs and concerns at the forefront. We want to work with you, forming a partnership to improve your oral and overall health.
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General Dentistry Services in Millbrae and South San Francisco

When you’re a patient at Dela Rama Dental Care, everything we do is about you and seeing you smile. Drs. Bonita Dela Rama, Andrew Dela Rama, and Marjorie Dela Rama are dedicated to seeing your smile dreams become a reality. By listening with respect and compassion, and by establishing open lines of communication, we can find the dental care solutions that work for your unique oral health needs.

We offer general dentistry in Millbrae and South San Francisco. It will be our pleasure to help you attain and maintain a healthy, confident, and amazing smile! Fill out our contact form today to schedule an appointment.

How We Restore Your Smile

Whether you’re looking to maintain your bright smile or restore your oral health to its former glory, we have the right treatment for you.


Invisalign clear aligners are the clear, comfortable, and removable way to get the smile you’ve always wanted—without metal brackets and wires!


If you experience chronic headaches, jaw pain, or ear problems, you may have temporomandibular disorder—a common condition that affects the joints and muscles of your jaw.

Advanced Nightguards

Taking care of your teeth at home goes beyond brushing and flossing. If you grind or clench your teeth at night, protect them by wearing a comfortable, custom-made nightguard.

Full Braces

If you want to improve the alignment of your teeth and bite, ask us about our orthodontic treatment options, which include traditional braces and clear, aesthetic braces.


Food and other debris may get into hard-to-reach cracks and grooves in your teeth, causing plaque, and eventually, cavities. Our general dentists in Millbrae seal those gaps to make it easier to rid your teeth of plaque.


It’s vital to protect your teeth when you’re playing sports, whether you’re wearing braces or not. Minimise injuries to your teeth and gums with a durable and easy to clean mouthguard. We provide pre-made, boil-and-bite fitted, and custom-made mouthguards.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are molars that erupt at the very back of your mouth. Impacted molars can become sore and painful because of infection. We solve this by finding your impacted wisdom teeth and safely extracting them.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you feel drowsy during the day and snore loudly in bed, you may have sleep apnea. It causes you to stop breathing intermittently while sleeping. We create a treatment plan to help you deal with this condition and get quality sleep.

Dental Implants

Dental implants help people who lost their teeth due to disease or injury regain a complete set—and a beautiful smile. It involves screwing synthetic teeth directly into your jawbone. Visit our general dentistry office to learn more.

Teeth Whitening

Head over to our dental offices in Millbrae and South San Francisco if you want to have a brighter smile. We offer office and at-home teeth whitening options like tray whitening, paint-on whiteners, and teeth-whitening strips.

Dela Rama dental is a Family- oriented office. Everyone’s nice. My whole family have been with them a long time. We love Dr. Andrew, Dr. Marjorie, Dr. Bonita, and the new dentist. Who is great addition to their team. Aubrey, Ellen and everyone that works there are great. Thank you, guys. Jennirose T.
I had a procedure (tooth extraction) done last November 2015. It was a very pleasant experience. Dr. Marjorie did an excellent job on it. Everyone in the dental office are very nice, friendly and family oriented. I will continue to go back here again for my dental health. Karla C.
Dr. Marjorie DeLa Rama and her staff are the best!! Extremely nice and very professional. Watching Netflix while they do dental work is a huge plus. And you'll never miss an appointment with their Text reminders.... Don't go anywhere else. This is the place to be Neil S.
My family has been going to Dela Rama since the early 80's. We moved from Daly City to Pittsburg in 96' and still drive over 50miles to come to our favorite family dentist. That alone speaks volumes. We love and appreciate the staff here. They're like family. Julie T.
I’ve known Drs Marjorie and Andrew De La Rama for two decades! I travel 40 miles for their great service and their dental expertise! They are kind, hard working, and genuinely good people. I would never go to any other practice! Gerald S.
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