What Sets Us Apart

The Dela Rama Dental Care Mission

Our mission at Dela Rama Dental Care is to listen to our patients’ needs with empathy and compassion; treat them with clinical excellence by using the finest dental materials, instruments, and techniques; and to help them maintain their optimal oral health for a lifetime.

Everyone at Dela Rama Dental Care is a people-person: we take time to get to know those in our care on an individual level. We promise you’ll never be another number on a chart to any of us. Instead, we’ll remember your name, details about your life, and your smile. We’ll look forward to your visits as a chance to hear the latest news about your family, and to share stories and laughter.

Then, with the support of our exceptional dental team, our doctors will help you attain exceptional oral health and an incredible smile… always in a painless and timely manner.

We will always treat you with gentle hands, and strive to form a partnership with you, to work toward the common goal of your optimal dental health.

A Truly “Family” Dental Practice

We have two generations of dentists in our practice: a mother and son. We also have a husband and wife team. With this familial atmosphere, it’s natural we consider our patients to be part of our extended family. Each of you is important to us.

Because we opened in 1983, we have the honor now of treating the children and grandchildren of some of our earliest patients. Serving multiple generations of the same family is a testament, we feel, to the level of care we provide.

Our four doctors trained at different dental schools, so we offer a wide range of expertise in an array of treatment areas. We work cooperatively, utilizing each other’s strengths, which allows us to provide the best possible care.

Schedule a Consultation

We believe it’s important to find a dental practice where you know you’ll receive leading-edge care, delivered by people you like and trust. We invite you to call and schedule a consultation at our South San Francisco or Millbrae dental and orthodontic offices. Come in, meet our doctors and team, and learn how we can help you achieve your dental health goals.

Everyone at Dela Rama Dental Care looks forward to welcoming you to our smile family. We can’t wait to start you on the path to exceptional oral health and a beautiful smile you’ll love to share with the world!

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